Supervised theses / Ph.D.

  1. N. Kalicharan
    The Design of a Hypermedia Tutorial System for Teaching Music for the Pan
    Ph.D. St. Augustine 1998
  2. P. Mohan
    Incorporating business Rules in an Object-Oriented System
    Ph.D. St. Augustine 1999
  3. Th. Cummings
    A Model for the Instructional Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation of a Web-based Course in Computer Science
    Ph.D. St. Augustine 2003
  4. A. Khan
    Computers and Legal Affairs
    Ph.D. with High Commendation St. Augustine 2005

Examiner of the following Ph.D.theses

  1. Huang Yanxiong
    Multimodale Integration und Analyse von tomographischen Daten des menschlichen Gehirns
    (Mulrimodal Integration and Analysis of Tomographic Data of the Human Brain)
    Dissertation A, 1994
  2. Hadrian Peter
    A Unified Theory of Intelligent Databases
    U.W.I., Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, 1994
  3. Arvind S. Mohais
    Neighborhood Re-structuring in Particle Swarm Optimization
    Ph.D. St. Augustine 2009