List of Courses I have been teaching at the Department

Comparative Studies of Programming Languages CS 34A
Software Engineering CS 55B
Internet & Multimedia Programming CS 34F
Scientific Computing CS 67B
Artificial Intelligence CS 53B
Theory of Computing CS 62A
Discrete Mathematics (for M. Sc.) CS 62A
Theory of Computing I CS 25E
Theory of Computing II CS 25F
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS 33B
Database Management Systems CS 35A
Special Topics in Computer Science CS 39A
Internet Technologies CS 63B
Object-Oriented Programming CS 34E
Internet Technologies I CS 34K CS 34M
Internet Technologies II CS 34L CS 34N
Design and Analysis of Algorithms CS 30E
Cryptography and Security CS 62B
Discrete Mathematics CS 20E
Object-Oriented Programming CS 24E
Cryptography CS 62C
Internet Security CS 62D
Scientific Computing CS 67B
Theory of Computing CS 67A
Computer Graphics COMP6550
Programming for the WWW INFO 1410
Programming I INFO 1420

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